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    Al's Resort

    Chaweng Beach,

    Al’s Resort which located directly in the center of Chaweng, perfectly straight on the beach, steps away from crystal clear water of the sea on one end and straight into lively shopping, dining and partying hub at the other end. We...
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    Montien House

    Chaweng Beach,

    Montien House is situated in a prime location on Chaweng beach. All buildings and bungalows are nestled in a tropical, park-like garden with large trees which provide shade where it is needed. You can choose between a selection of very...
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    Chaweng Garden Beach Resort

    Chaweng Beach,

    Chaweng Garden Beach Resort emphasizes on simplicity with a focus on Samui culture. Our concept is to maintain a simple feeling and simultaneously offering enough luxury to provide the feeling that Chaweng Garden Beach is your second home....
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