The Mae-Sa Valley, Mae Rim – Chiang Mai is a totally new experience of Thailand. It's secluded but easily accessible, fresh with enjoyable of a natural surroundings while providing the pleasures of well food and warm hospitality. Less than an hour's drive from Thailand's northern capital of Chiang Mai, amid thickly-forested hills and misty valleys, lies the Mae-Sa Valley Resort. 2,000 feet high, in an area of great scenic charm, the landscape has been modified to present a new experience in holiday enchantment. Individual thatched-roof houses and bamboo cottages provide accommodation that blends beautifully with the setting and meets high standards of comfort. The mountain climate affords bright sunny days for exploration: crisp, cool evenings for fireside gatherings. And the cultivated terraces offers a riot of tropical and temperate flowers, along with all the vegetables served fresh at our restaurant.

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