Пху Пха Нам Резорт - красивый курорт в центральном лесу. Оставьте ваши бизнес дела позади и пригласите всех прикоснуться к естественной красоте природы, о чем вы никогда не сможете позабыть.

Расположеные в 455 км. северо-восточнее Бангкока и в 620 метрах над уровнем моря, комфортабельные номера с красивыми пейзажами и отличными удобствами предлагаются вам. Все номера были тщательно спроектированы, используя материалы из тикового дерева, чтобы интерьер гармонировал с окрестностями нашего отеля. Номера также полностью оснащены телевизором, телефоном, кондиционером, холодильником и мини-баром. Курорт был спроектирован так, чтобы обеспечить комфорт и удобство, чтобы гости могли быть уверены в действительно спокойном и удовлетворенном пребывании. Если вы предпочитаете отдых среди природы в сочетании с лучшим размещением и спокойной обстановкой - мы для вас.
Вы правы, что вы выбираете нас.

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      Phu Pha Nam Resort a tropical type resort, place secluded hideaway in Loei. Peaceful and Private with Beautiful Natural Surroundings. The perfect getaway place surrounded by various flowers and plants form cooler climate. It situates between scenic hills and lakes over 520 Acre of private land.

      The resort is located in Loei province, Aumphur Dansai, 455 km northeast of Bangkok, Thailand and is 620 meters above the sea level We offer a comfortable accommodation with beautiful sceneries and excellent facilities for travellers.

      All of the rooms have been carefully designed with teakwood to blend with its surroundings. The rooms are also fully equipped with TV, Telephone, Air conditional, Refrigerator and mini bar, Free WiFi is available in all rooms. The resort has been designed to provide comfort and convenience so that guests can be assured of a truly relaxing and satisfying stay.

      Standard Room (12 sq.m.) / Superior Room (18 sq.m.)
      Deluxe Room
      (Baan Phu Pha: 14 sq.m. | Baan Rim Pha: 20 sq.m.)
      Baan Phu Pha Baan Phu Pha Baan Phu Pha
      Baan Rim Pha Baan Rim Pha Baan Rim Pha
      Rim Pha Restaurant is our finest restaurant serving various Thai and International cuisine.
      Japanese style spa
      Our Japanese style spa offers the natural feeling of natures hot water, equipped with a solar heating and filtered-system. The essence of herbal and the warmth of our refreshing cleaned water will relax you. Together with our spa we offer a beautiful warm water swimming pool surrounded by nature and the view of the mountain ranges, the fitness room and opened view message room. Situated on top at the edge of the hill, our message rooms with a spectacular mountain view and cleaned mountain air will be an unforgettable experienced while you enjoy your massage.

      Thai Traditional Massage

      For centuries, Thais learned how to relax and cure many types of illness thru a massage. A body massage which developed into an art, a practice which is now a part of traditional medicine. Today modern medicine recognized massaging as a very healthy practice for everyone.

      Thai Traditional Massage when performs correctly will give your body a true relaxation, improve your blood-circulation. This will make you feel exhilarate and vibrant. Hot & Spicy compressing herbs may use along for a perfect treatment.

      Recreation and Facilities
      Within the resort area, we also provide many facilities for your indoor and out door activities during your stay. You can enjoy mountain bike and canoeing during daytime and have fun with snooker in the night.

      Phu Pha Nam Attraction
      There are a lot of interesting sides around Phu Pha Nam Resort such as Orchid farm and also Deer farm.

      Fitness Room Thai Massage Snooker
      Swimming Pool Japanese style spa Reception
      Hornbill Surrounding mist Sunrise View