Nicha Suite Hua Hin Hotel a classical Thai style modern hotel on your budget. Nicha Suite Hua Hin hotel just 2 and the half hours' drive from Thailand's capital Bangkok.

Nicha Suite offers a 20 comfortable rooms with fully equipped e.g self control air-conditioned, hot water, and cable TV. Hotel is conveniently located main road, easy access to attractive places in Hua Hin town and beach.

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      Nicha Hua Hin Hotel is Classical Thai-style modern hotel. The hotel is the perfect snug oasis in which to unwind. This in the end is the relax a hotel as a refuge, a piece of paradise. The hotel just 2 and the half hours' drive from Thailand's capital Bangkok.

      Nicha Suite Hua Hin Hotel hotel has 20 Rooms with wireless Internet access and an Executive Spa. All our rooms are equipped with private air-conditions, hot water, and cable TV. This luxurious and comfortable place, is dedicated to travelers, busy professionals or couples who seek a retreat where they can rejuvenate both body and soul.
      Room Facilities
      • - Air Conditioner
      • - Refrigerator
      • - LCD TV
      • - Water Heater
      • - Kettle
      • - Hot and cold shower
      • - DVD Player
      Deluxe Double Room
      Nicha Suite
      Nicha Health Spa and Beauty Parlour
      A relaxing and therapeutic experience with a choice of rejuvenating treatments such as body scrubs, facial treatment, relaxing massage foot reflexology, body exfoliation and Spa packages to choose from. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of relaxation where body, mind and spirit can be fully restored. Discover Dalah Spa and its array of signature spa treatments and be pampered at the Beauty Parlour with hair treatments, shampoo and styling as well as manicure and pedicure treatments.

      Health Spa Health Spa Reception