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Songkhla Zoo
Hornbills is a sign the forest is healthy.
Hornbills is a sign the forest is healthy.
About The Zoo
Songkhla Zoo, the first zoo in the southern region, was established by the cabinet on 23 May 1989. Surrounded by lush mountains and Songkhla Lake near Roob Chang Mountain, Meuang, Songkhla, the zoo covers 878 rai and officially opened to public on 3 October 1998. Currently, the zoo features a variety of species such as tapirs, chevrotains, camels, lamas, giraffes, bears, tigers, monkeys, gibbons, deer, antelopes, barking deer, parrots, macaws, cassowaries, flamingos and many more.

Roles of Songkhla Zoo
  1. Animal breeding and conservation of wildlife.
  2. Source of wildlife research, information and preservation.
  3. Provide recreational backdrop for the public.
Apart from animals indigenous to Thailand and overseas such as camels, birds, bantengs, tigers, crocodiles, the zoo has a viewpoint overlooking the landscape of Songkhla. On the top, there is also a restaurant offering great dining with the view. The statues of Dinosaur and human of the primeval age as well as rare animals are displayed in the zoo.
Ungulate Exhibition Center
Consisting of various types of deer such as chital deer, Eld's Deer, Sambar deer, Fea's Barking Deer, Greater Mouse Deer, Guar, Banteng, and Serow. In this zone, you can find big-sized animals such as elephants or Hippopotamus. Deer
Poultry Exhibition Center
Consisting of the domestic and international poultries such as parrot, macaw, water bird, hornbill, pheasant, and various kinds of beautiful and rare birds. Regarding the hornbill, there are 13 species in Thailand but at Song Kla zoo, you can find 6 species.
Tiger Center
Consisting of various types of tigers such as BENGAL Tiger, Indochinese Tiger, Black Jaguar, Leopard, Clouded Leopard and other types of rare tigers. From the tiger center about 100 meters up the hill, you can find the bear exhibition center.
Monkey Exhibition Center
Consisting of Chimpanzee, Orang-utan, Thai monkeys, gibbon, langur, etc. The monkey exhibition center is proper for each type of animals since it is decorated in order to be similar to the natural conditions of such animals.
Malayan Tapir's Exhibition Center
According to the policy of the Zoological Park Organization, Song Kla Zoo is one of the wildlife conservation and breeding center for wildlife that has the origin in the southern pat of Thailand, especially 15 types of preserved wildlife of Thailand. Currently, Songkla Zoo has 4 types of preserved wildlife, namely, Eld's Deer, Serow, Malayan Tapir, and Fea's Barking Deer.
You can access the viewpoint consisting of the tower on the tree and the pavilion so you can watch the beautiful scenery of the sea. You must feel impressed when you are among nature.
Animal Showtimes
Survival of wild life
Monday - Friday 2 Times a day from 10:30, 13:30 O'clock
Saturday - Sunday 3 Times a day from 10:30, 13:30, 15:30 O'clock
The ability of seals
Monday - Sunday 2 Times a day from 11:30, 14:30 O'clock
Fast Fact
Area 911 Rai Animals - lives
Established 1990 Mammals - lives
Visitors 250,000/year Reptiles - lives
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday: 09:00 am.- 06:00 pm. Bird - lives
189 Songkhla-Natawi Road, Khao Roop Chang, Mueng, Songkhla, Thailand
How to get there
From Bangkok, driving along the highway No. 4 to pass Prachuab Kirikhan, Chumporn and turning to the highway No. 41 to pass Surat Thani, Nakhon Sri Dhammarat, Patthalung, and turning to the highway No.4 to Hat Yai District or turning to Muang District for approximately 30 Kilometers.
Songkhla Zoo Map
Songkhla Zoo Map
Songkhla Zoo Map (Click to Enlarge)