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Divign in Koh Nangyuan
Diving in Koh Nangyuan
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Koh Nangyuan in Brief
The owners of Koh Nang Yuan Resort have created an island retreat unusual in comparison to other resorts of Southeast Asia.

Located on a small private island near Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Nang Yuan is a vision of paradise. Her beauty takes your breath away. Her atmosphere is so extraordinary it makes you want her to remain a well-kept secret only for you and your closest friends. Her comfortable bungalows make you want to stay forever.

Her beaches, formed by the ocean's currents interacting with the three peaks of the island made this triple strand of beach which is unique to the world. The resort's architects studied the island carefully, and built a resort harmonious with the natural rock formations of the island. They left the beach untouched, and built on the boulders of the island to ensure privacy, solitude, and environmental serenity.

More than 15 dive sites are located a short distance from the dive center. Sites include pinnacles, coral reefs, patches of boulders covered with soft and hard corals, and tropical fish life. Whale sharks are frequently spotted during the peak season between January and May.

Tao means turtle, and you have a good chance of encountering one of the ocean's most beautiful creatures during your dives.

The dive sites are suitable for all levels of diving ability and training, and depths range from over 30 meters to just a few meters. Visibility is considered good to excellent most of the year, and the water is warm, still, and full of marine life.

Koh Nangyuan
Koh Nangyuan
Twins consists of two main pinnacles and a smaller deeper "little brother". A perfect site for both training activities and fun dives with a depth range of 18m to 5m surrounded by soft white sand dotted with the unusual symbiotic relationship of Goby fishes and their blind Shrimp house mates. Twins offers the chance to spot large Groupers, Blue Ringed Angelfish, Yellow Racoon Butterfly fish, Parrots and Wrasses of many kinds. Not to forget "Mork and Mindy", a friendly pair of the uncommon Saddleback Clownfish, and enjoy your safety stop surrounded by hundreds of Yellow Tail Barracudas.