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Diving in Chumphon
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The dive sites surrounding the islands of Koh Ngam Noi, Koh Ngam Yai, and the outcrops of Hin Lak Ngam and Hin Pae, offer excellent diving opportunities. Divers can experience fascinating seabed configurations from coral gardens to rock piles and caves. The main attraction which adds color to the sea is the extravagance of the fish. Most divers find the need to record the amazing variety in their logs! This is a plankton rich sea and the fish life proliferate at a remarkable rate. Visibility varies according to tide and weather factors. On a favorable day, the visibility can be 20 meters but at low tides it can be reduced to only 8 to 10 meters. Hin Lak Ngam This dive site is located 1 1/2 hours away from Thung Wua Laen Beach. The landmark comprises two weather-beaten rock outcrops. Like all other outcrops, they serve as roosting areas for sea birds. As the boat approaches, these birds take flight. Sensing that the boat and divers are of no threat, they calmly resettle on the rocks.

The rock outcrop gradually broadens its formation to form the reef base at 27 meters. Its walls are terraced with crevices, holes, caves and protuberances. Hard and soft corals grow on the surfaces of these undulating formations. The abundant microscopic food among the corals attract schools of fish with possible sightings of whale shark and manta ray.

Chumphone Dive Sites
Koh Ngam Noi & Koh Ngam Yai
เกาะง่ามน้อย เกาะง่ามใหญ่
Koh Ngam Noi & Koh Ngam Yai
Both islands display scant vegetation amidst natural, almost artistic, rock structures. The little caves and crannies found here are homes to swifts. The nest they build are a special grade of birds nest which are treasured for their nutritional value and are accordingly highly prized. Bird's nests collectors build authentic huts on these rocks.Of these two islands, Koh Ngam Noi offers more attractive landscapes with huts built on different levels of rocky headland. The best time for photography is between 2.00 to 3.00 pm when the sun is shining. These two islands are about 15 minutes apart by boat and Koh Ngam Noi, the nearest island from Hin Lak Ngam, is about 25 minutes away.

The dive schedule for these two sites is planned according to which way the wind blows. The dive boat will initially moor on the lee side where divers take a rest and gear up. When they are ready to dive, the boat will steer towards the exposed part of the island, allowing the divers to get into the waters and double back to moor in the calm bay. Dive masters take their bearings and guide divers through an underwater tour back to the dive boat.

Narrow "swim throughs" offer a view of a healthy collection of soft and hard corals at these sights. Varieties of big resident fish found under rock ledges and little caves. Visiting fish are more apparent during the flow of the current.

These areas have abundance of soft corals. Divers can also spot stingrays, scorpionfish, Blue Ringed Angel Fish, turtles, anemonefish, sea urchins, Banded Sea Snakes, Barracuda, Humpback Snapper, Juvenile Yellowtail. The depth of these areas are approximately 5 - 15 metres with the visibility around 5 - 20 metres.

Koh Hin Lak Ngam
This is the second rock outcrop dive site of Chumphon and is located at the northernmost area between the four popular dive sites of Chumphon.

This dive site abounds with soft and hard corals. You can encounter the sight of Pipefish, clams, parrotfish, Frogfish, sea anemonefish, seahorses, oyster and many more. The depth is around 5 - 20 metres with the visibility of 5 - 20 metres.

Koh Hin Pae
Located in the north of Koh Ngam Yai, oh Hin Pae has the depth of 6 - 23 metres and are abundant with sea anemone, black corals, sea whips, giant clams, butterflyfish, barracuda, sting rays, turtles and whale sharks are spotted occasionally.
Koh Rarn Ped and Koh Rarn Gai
เกาะง่ามน้อย เกาะง่ามใหญ่
Koh Rarn Ped and Koh Rarn Gai
This spot has limestone pinnacle which drops down to 20 metres leaving it a home to many types of fish such as butterfly fish, damsel fish, turtles, frog fish, Yellow Tail barracuda, parrotfish and fusiliers. Whale sharks are occasionally spotted. It also has a beautiful underwater cave, wall and a large rock bed which covers with safans, anemone, sea whips, sponge as well as black corals.

The depth of Koh Rarn Ped is around 20 metres with visibility of 5 - 15 metres and the depth of Koh Rarn Gai is around 5 - 15 metres and visibility of 5 - 10 metres.

Koh Rung Ga Jew
This island is located 8 km from the mainland. The beaches are comprised of sand and rocks. Prolific coral reefs and fish are found which makes a good spot for snorkeling. There are a few residents’ houses located on the island but there is no accommodation. It is also a home to a number of swallows.